Residential Products

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Artison continues to push the technology envelope, as the company demonstrates its expertise by developing technological innovations that enhance consumers' home audio and video enjoyment. Home entertainment has undergone a revolution: From the early days of bulky black-and-white televisions and monaural phonographs, consumers can now enjoy "home theater," complete with digital-quality movies and music, sleek, theater-style flat panel monitors that hang on the wall, and surround sound speakers that take them right into the action. Artison is immersed in the development of additional lifestyle and high-end product lines that incorporate the company's proprietary technologies. Today's technology, however, is just the beginning - and poised to help take home entertainment to even greater heights is Artison, a company dedicated to developing exciting new audio and video applications for the 21st century.
Audioengine designs and constructs hand-built speakers at factory-direct prices. All Audioengine products are based on custom designs with very few off-the-shelf parts. After years of building professional powered studio monitor speakers, the Audioengine team has taken their experience and created unique powered consumer speakers for your home and office which are specifically tuned for digital audio. Great sound, simple designs, high-quality materials, and truly useful features are what Audioengine is all about.
Boston Acoustics loudspeakers have been exceeding the expectations of serious music listeners for over 30 years. With advanced engineering, innovative design and high quality manufacturing, their newest speakers embody everything it means to be from Boston.

Whether you're in the bedroom, kitchen or office, Boston Acoustics high performance tabletop radios and iPod speakers fit right in with exceptional sound that you wouldn't think possible from systems their size.
Crystal Screens is the first substantial development in front projection screen technology in decades. Developed by some of the world’s top optical scientists, Crystal Screens breaks from traditional screen manufacturing processes by using nano-lens technology or tiny holographic patterns imbedded on the front of a metallized projection screen. Millions of these "lenslets" create a random surface that manipulates light energy, and the result is something no screen manufacturer has been able to accomplish before: exceptional gain and ambient light rejection, zero hot spots, and a viewing angle so wide that it seems to defy the laws of physics. Crystal Screens are manufactured from start to finish in Los Angeles, California.
The DaVinci Group was founded by a group of custom electronic industry leaders to create quality products for the custom integrator. Their speakers have been designed by engineers who specialize in the custom market, for the custom integration expert, while bringing leading performance and value to the entire product line. Their team is passionate about sound and believe that sound is THE MOST important element you can add to any project. The consumer is being bombarded daily with media exposure and news about iPhones, iPads, Galaxy, iTunes LED, LCD and much much more. However, the one thing that can move people unlike any other is SOUND! Something as simple as quality background music can bring a smile to anybody?s face.
Sound must be flawless and pure—totally uncompromising. These are the tenets by which we are driven, and what compel us to achieve superior audio for an unparalleled listening experience. It is the focus in everything we create to give sound nothing less than everything it deserves.
Innovative engineering and technology are at the core of what makes a Denon product a Denon. Through a disciplined approach to design and production, Denon engineers ensure that only superb craftsmanship, precision engineering, and impeccable performance goes into every component. Denon entertainment components include the most convenient features to satisfy a diverse set of entertainment needs. That is why Denon tirelessly transforms creative ideas into leading innovations within the industry.

Simply put, anything that does not provide more passion, improve performance or enhance the experience does not belong in a Denon.
Home theaters, dishwashers, appliances, air conditioners, TVs, stereos, and exercise equipment all add to the enjoyment of your family's daily life. When it's all happening at the same moment, it's all noise.

Combined with outside noise from planes, trains, and automobiles - you have ample reason to want to get away from it all. That's why Dynamic Control has developed a line of quality acoustic products designed for Better Sound and Quieter Living.

As the dominant leader in the projection industry, Epson continues to deliver high quality projectors with unmatched color brightness and innovative features for business, education and home theater.

Heavily focused on research & development, Epson introduced many technology "firsts" to the market. Epson pioneered the projection industry with the invention of the world's first optical projection engine, known as 3LCD technology. Additionally, Epson introduced the world's first LCD projector for video imaging in 1989, paving the way for the projection market.

If you are thinking of purchasing an Epson projector or you already have one, use this handy
Projection Distance Calculator to determine the correct placement of your projector.

Future Ready Solutions has assembled the best brands in connectivity for systems integrators and installers that service the residential & commercial integration markets including Kordz, Perfect Path, Celerity Technologies, PPC, and Belden Snap-N-Seal connectors. Perfect Path has earned the DPL Labs seal of approval on many of its products, and we plan to work with DPL Labs to test and certify all of the products that Future Ready Solutions offers.
HEOS is a wireless music system that allows you to control all your music effortlessly from anywhere in your home. All you need is one or more HEOS speakers and the free app. HEOS gives you access to all your music, and, you can add other users to the line-up to vary the playlist or personalize the room according to the user: His tunes in the kitchen, hers in the master bedroom. Stream from your favorite music service, phone or network. Your music is at your command. Stream or play selections from your HEOS App library. Party and Family modes allow you to play one song everywhere, or different songs in every room. The choice is yours.
For the last decade, JL Audio has been at the forefront of research into fundamental loudspeaker behavior. The company has developed proprietary electromagnetic and suspension analysis systems and has invested heavily in state-of-the-art testing and manufacturing systems. JL Audio's intense focus on research has borne subwoofer driver designs widely considered as reference standards for linear displacement and dynamic stability. It has also resulted in numerous United States Patents for technologies that refine and extend the performance envelope of the dynamic driver. JL Audio's research into and experience with long excursion woofers is a perfect springboard to addressing the low frequency demands of home theater program material. The greater the driver's performance envelope is, the greater the system's linear performance can be without resorting to aggressive limiting and compression.
The award-winning HD over IP platform from Just Add Power is a scalable, flexible, and dependable ethernet-based video distribution system designed for any size of project, which can be both serviced and easily expanded years after installation.. Build any size of network of HDMI devices, from 12 sources x 30 screens in a luxury home to 100+ x 300+ screens in a casino. Just Add Power's HD over IP platform is HDMI distribution without limits.

Luxman was created in 1925 when radio broadcasting started in Japan and has long offered its great acoustics to the audio world. Luxman has been highly rated both at home and abroad as an excellent brand for high quality audio products.

Luxman works for its products to deliver the passion of each music piece expressed by composers, players, and recording engineers to listeners, using Luxman enthusiasm with the same the level of zeal as artists and engineers. At the commemorable 80th anniversary of their foundation, Luxman is working to find further find excitement through excellent music and share the pleasure with clients and users.

For more than half a century, the name Marantz has identified the best in home entertainment. And today, even in the midst of burgeoning and often confusing technology, these components still emulate the vision that originally drove Saul Marantz to expand the sensory horizons of even the most demanding aficionados.
Master & Dynamic is a premium audio company obsessed with sound and creativity. They see their headphones as modern thinking caps: tools to help focus, inspire and transport your mind. They build sound tools for creative minds. They engineer their products to last, utilizing only the finest and most durable luxury materials such as premium leathers and stainless steel, maintaining the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, comfort and utility. They sought a natural, detailed, live sound signature for their headphones. The parts are designed to be easily replaceable, ensuring that the headphones continue to perform with precision for decades to come.
Audio equipment used by movie and recording studios must reproduce sound flawlessly, day in and day out. That's why movie studios, artists and Oscar®-winning sound engineers all rely on Parasound. Pros also choose Parasound gear for their homes so they can enjoy music and movies exactly as they were made.
Live for the thrill of glorious audio, and trust Polk to drive how you listen. They are the "Speaker Specialists"—the original company that's brought the concert to your home and the theater to your living room since 1972. Making speakers accessible to everyone, and always at an affordable price!
Russound designs and manufactures innovative products that sound great, are easy to install and simple to use, and that offer great value. Russound delivers a complete range of multiroom audio systems, source equipment, volume controls, amplifiers, loudspeakers and intercom systems. Russound firmly believes that its products are the finest of their kind on the market and remains dedicated as ever to providing its dealers and distributors with the right products for them to delight their own customers.
Vutec Corporation is a global leader and manufacturer of hi-performance projection screens and AV accessories. Vutec's state-of-the-art product line is developed to satisfy the ever changing demands of video enthusiasts and audio/video dealers worldwide. Vutec’s numerous patents span a multitude of viewing products that include the revolutionary SilverStar™ 2D/3D, Vision X™ and other Vutec™ video projection screens. Vutec's innovative screen design and technology continues to pave the way with innovative manufacturing of front/rear projection screens, ArtScreens, masking systems, and AV presentation tools.
WilsonPro delivers cell phone booster solutions for mobile, building, and machine-to-machine (M2M) data transfer situations. As provider of North America?s top-selling line of cell phone signal boosters, WilsonPro designs and manufactures a wide variety of amplifiers, antennas and related components to improve communications for cell phones and cellular data devices.